Capsiplex FAQ

Does it work? Any side effects? Where to Buy?

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Frequently Asked Questions about CAPSIPLEX


Q. Does Capsiplex work  and has anybody used it?

A. An often asked question with an affirmative answer. The drug does actually work. There are many clinical details and medical studies available that support the claims. The Capsiplex side effects are negligible and so the product has been used by many celebrities. The testimonials of celebrities and others are all available so that you can go through them.


Q. Is it safe to use Capsiplex during pregnancy and then later while lactating?

According to Capsiplex reviews the drug is quite safe and no fatal side effects are known. Even then it makes better sense not to be experimental while breastfeeding. As for pregnancy its best not to have any drugs other than the ones prescribed by the doctor as the baby is developing. However if you are keen you can consult your doctor regarding the usage of the weight loss drug. We can experiment with the drug once the baby is a little older.


Q. Can Capsiplex be taken while using contraceptive pills, thyroid medicines and diabetes drugs? Is it safe to use the pill if I have a weak heart?

A. Capsiplex side effects are not there as it’s a natural product. Popping the pill is similar to having lots of chillies to boost the metabolism. This makes it safe to use this capsule even while having medicines for thyroid and diabetes. The pill will not interfere with the contraceptive pill’s results. If you have a weak heart it is beneficial if you consult your doctor before using this weight loss product.  This weight loss capsule is a natural product safe to use.


Q. Is it safe to have the weight loss pill while having alcohol?

A. According to Capsiplex reviews the capsule is safe but alcohol and Capsiplex do not go hand in hand for the simple reason that alcohol is calorie dense. You are having the capsule to lose weight so why do you need alcohol.


Q. Is the drug safe enough for Children?

A. Based on Capsiplex reviews if the child is above 16 years of age they can have the drug but if the child is below 16 years of age  it’s better to consult a doctor before starting the wonder drug.


Q. Is it essential to go on a diet while having the Pill?

A. The reason you gained weight was your wrong food habits and lack of exercise. If we don’t do anything to alter this and come on track the weight loss is bound to come back. According to review certain moderate changes in the food habits can make things more effective and reduce chances of a weight gain again. If you get into the habit of eating healthy it will benefit you even when you stop the wonder drug.


Q. What are the key ingredients of Capsiplex?

A. Capsiplex is a natural product. The active ingredients are Niacin, capsicum extracts, Capsiplex piperine and a miniscule amount of Caffeine. The caffeine is equal to just 2 cups of coffee. All these ingredients collectively work to break down the fat in the body and boost metabolism. The 100 percent natural ingredients is the reason people no longer ask does Capsiplex work. Safe to use for almost all the product is an instant hit.


Q. How to take Capsiplex and does it have any side effects?

A. The weight loss drug does not have a complex routine to follow. According to review you need to have one pill a day with a glass of water. The medicine comes in 30 pill packs- one for each day. The best time to have it is at least half an hour before your workout as then the results get maximized. The drug does not have any major side effects to talk about but the product should not be used by people who are sensitive to the ingredients or are vegetarians. The pill contains gelatine an animal product.


Q. How soon does the medicine start giving results to talk about and how much can I hope to lose with regular use?

A. According to reviews it is believed the results start showing from day one as you feel more energetic. Depending on how overweight you are you can hope to see differences in 3-4 days after starting on the medicine. The medicine is a metabolism booster and so the results are faster. The results with the medicine are good. Varying from person to person you can hope to lose 3-4 lbs the first week and 1-2 lbs thereafter but the pounds should not stress you as it’s more important to lose in inches.


Q. Where can I buy Capsiplex? Can I get any discounts?

A. Capsiplex is available online at the manufacturer’s official website. The website is very informative. The site has updated reviews, testimonials and all the queries answered. You can do thorough research before you buy the pill. The website has information in five languages and you can choose to pay in four currencies.  You can get up to 45% discount depending on the amount you purchase. The pricing varies on the number of bottles you pick up. For three bottles you get a good discount as well as an additional bottle. When you buy five bottles you get two additional bottles as well as discount. This way with three bottles you get four months supply and with five bottles you get seven months supply. Even when you pick up one or two bottles the discount is there. It’s a great idea to stock up and get maximum discounts.


Q. Can we buy Capsiplex from anywhere in the world and how soon is the order dispatched?

A. You can pick up Capsiplex in any corner of the globe and enjoy the benefits. The website ships all across the globe. The order is dispatched the same day you place your order. You get the package within 4 to 12 days depending on where you have asked for the package to be delivered.